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How is AppTrana different?

AppTrana is designed to address the shortcomings in existing cloud security solutions which claim to provide comprehensive protection using only technology based cookie cutter solutions. Welcome to the new world of AppTrana where your entire application security is custom built by experts based on your existing risk posture

Detect your risks continuously

Continuously identify your application security posture through automated security scans and manual Pen-Testing

Protect your application immediately

Combination of always-on security and expert created surgically accurate security rules to patch the vulnerabilities through WAF with assured zero false positives

Ensure round-the-clock availability

All surge in traffic is not DDoS. Have experts monitor traffic and prevent DDoS before it happens

Improve website performance instantly

Instant Whole Site Acceleration using distributed Global Edge Locations

360° view of your application security

24*7 visibility of the risk posture and business impact via integrated AppTrana portal

Trusted by more than 1000 global businesses for their thousands of sites

HDFC Life is a leading long-term life insurance provider based out of India. They have more than 15,000 employees, 398 branches and presence in over 980 cities and towns across the country.

"Indusface has proved to be a valuable security partner with its AppTrana solution. Their ‘detect-protect-monitor’ package handles security worries so we can focus on improving services for our customers”

Sharad Sadadekar
Chief Information Security Officer.

IndusInd Bank has emerged as one of the fastest-growing banks with a network of 180 branches along with 183 ATMs and representative offices in London and Dubai.

"As one of the leading banks in India, securing application infrastructure is critical for us. Indusface’s Total Application Security package allows us to scan vulnerabilities continuously and prevent attacks. Indusface also provides the unique benefits of expert handling and tuning on custom rules with round-the-clock traffic monitoring and protection through AppTrana."

Deval Mazmudar
Chief Information Security Officer.

One of India’s leading diversified financial services conglomerates.

"We are a happy customer using AppTrana that takes complete care of tuning, analyzing and updating security policies to keep web-based applications secure. Now with CDN we also expect to get performance without compromising security. We are excited and looking forward to using it to provide better experience to our users without compromising security."

Mannan Godil
CISO, Edelweiss

Indusface* is an example of a WAF vendor that provides the SaaS-based managed Web Application Firewall. This type of solution is a good alternative for enterprises that do not want to procure new hardware and hire or train staff to manage it.

*Indusface WAF is now “Apptrana”
Overcoming Network Security Service and Support Challenges Report

"Our complete ecommerce infrastructure is hosted on the cloud and we are glad to have Indusface as partner for web security. Due to their association with cloud service providers and prompt deployment options, Indusface was the preferred security choice. The on-demand and scheduled scanning helps us keep track of vulnerabilities that may otherwise damage our website or put customers at risk"

“We appreciate the quality of Indusface AppTrana and related services delivered to us and would recommend that Indusface can be entrusted with similar job for any prospective customer without hesitation”

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