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Risk Detection
Managed Web Application Security Scanning
Bi weekly
Full Support of HTML5, AJAX and JSON
No. of Pages Scanned
No. of Application Credentials
Coverage for OWASP Top 10, PCI DSS 6.5.x and SANS Top 25 Vulnerabilities Detection
PCI DSS and CERT compliant Manual Penetration Testing by experts
Manual verification of Vulnerabilities by experts
Limited to 5 requests
Remediation Guidance to fix vulnerabilities
Vulnerability Revalidation checks
Risk Protection
Layer 7 Protection through Web Application Firewall
Always On Protection through Advance Security Rules
Platform Specific Security Rules
Zero day Vulnerability Protection
Blacklisting IP's & countries
Ability to exempt certain URI and IP through whitelisting
PCI DSS 3.2 Compliance
Intelligent Protection through Anomaly based risk scoring
Data Transfer included in the plan
150 GB/month
30 GB/month
DDOS Mitigation
Protection against Layer 3, 4 Volumetric attacks
Protection against Layer 7 DDoS attacks
Reputation checks for client IP and blacklisting of malicious IP
Protection of Origin IP address against DDOS attacks
Protection against Hot-Linking
BOT Mitigation
Check for pretender bots through IP checks
Validation of Bot Signatures and blocking bad bots
Captcha Challenges to prevent malicious bots, protect against DDOS attacks
Risk Monitoring
Experts written custom rules to virtually patch application specific vulnerabilities
Limited to 2 requests
False Positive monitored premium rules
Advance DDOS mitigation support for complex Layer 7 DDOS attacks
Automated whitelisting of legitimate Search Engines & Bots
SLA based customization and propagation of security rules
24x7 management by certified application security experts
ISO 27001 Certified Support Centre
Whole Site Acceleration
Content Optimization
Static Content Caching
Dynamic Content Caching
Manual Cache Purge
Custom Cache Header
Free LetsEncrypt DV SSL Certificate
Option to buy Entrust OV or EV Certificate
Custom SSL Certificate
Zero Down time on-boarding
Highly available and scalable architecture
360° visibility into application security posture through unified AppTrana portal
Support for WAF Integration with 3rd party CDN
No hardware, software or tuning required
Support through Email, Chat and Phone
24 * 7
24 * 7
Only through Email during business hours
*14 days Free, No Credit Card Required

Common Questions

Absolutely. We ask for no credit card while you sign-up. You can enjoy all the services of an AppTrana Advance plan for 14 days absolutely free. After 14 days, you will be automatically moved to the Basic plan which is free for life until you do not request for a plan upgrade.

Yes. AppTrana provides 3 level of controls to turn off the solution.

  • Log Mode– To turn off blocking. All rules will be put in block mode in such a scenario.
  • Disable Mode – The entire WAF will be disabled.
  • Bypass Mode – The entire AppTrana Infrastructure will be bypassed and the traffic will be sent directly to your server.

All of this is done without any downtime.

Indusface in partnership with Tata Communications gives you the 4th largest Tier IP backbone which ensures reduced latency and improved user experience for your website users. It has more than 400 POPs across 5 continents and operate more than 1 million sq ft of data centre space in 44 locations worldwide. With 24% of the world’s internet routes on our network, we offer greater flexibility and performance. Tata’s Content Delivery Network offers the most direct routes between your content and your end users, and is uniquely engineered to reach both developed and emerging markets directly and quickly.Check map here

Yes, AppTrana supports both custom SSL and free SSL certificate as part of the Advance and Premium offering. This thereby means:
  • All sites will be on boarded to listen on SSL traffic.
  • If you have a SSL certificate, you can provide relevant details at the time of onboarding
  • If you do not have SSL, you have 2 choices
    • Get EV certificate from Indusface
    • Use Let’s encrypt certificate which AppTrana automatically issues while on-boarding a new customer
Please note that this entire process is done with zero-downtime

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